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Educational Trips and Visits

Trips and Educational Visits


At Merstone School we recognise the importance of pupils having the opportunity to access their local community and learn what facilities are available to them in their community.

Each class throughout the school have the opportunity to use the school bus every 2 weeks to go into the local community and develop their understanding of the world. Educational visits are often linked to a current topic being studied in class, for example if pupils are learning about seasons or green spaces they may visit the local park and recap what has been taught in the classroom. Pupils will also use their educational visits to develop their independence skills, this may be how we sit in the local café, how we can access books in our local library or how we can stay safe in busy towns when we are out shopping.

Class staff will also use educational visits to help pupils develop real life English and maths skills which are important skills for preparing our pupils for adult life. This may include learning how to use money in the community when we go shopping, how to ask for help when we are in the community, who we can trust when we are in our local community and how to choose a facility to help them with specific activities.

As pupils get older and enter our Diamonds department, they will have an opportunity to visit a wide range of colleges and post 19 provisions before making their final decision.

Some examples of educational visits we offer include:

· Meridan Park

· Sheldon Country Park

· Local shopping Centre

· Super markets

· Shirley Golf Club


· Starcity

· Kingsbury Water Park

· Perki Sounds


At the end of each term classes also have an opportunity to have a whole day trip where pupils and staff can hold a class vote and choose where they would like to go to celebrate their achievements throughout the term. This is not only fun but is also a great opportunity for pupils to practice their social skills and how to enjoy social time with their peers.