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Our intent is simple, to provide pupils with an engaging, supportive and progressive curriculum that is suitable and adapted to meet individual needs. We aim to support pupils to achieve their maximum potential and develop skills that will support them in later life. Taking into consideration each individual pupil and his or her needs, we will provide a progressive and suitable programme of English education. At Merstone School we have developed a bespoke curriculum that aims to support learners who will develop a love for reading, literacy skills and communication skills for later life. We have established a rich, relevant and purposeful educational experience that allows us to develop the whole child and meet the needs and interests of individual pupils. Our curriculum is tailored by our approach and support to pupil’s needs and this provides learning that has local, national and international dimensions. Our curriculum supports pupils to build on their learning, progressively supporting them to achieve which is celebrated however big or small. We support learners to experience, engage with and develop interests in a broad and balanced curriculum from ages 2 – 19 alongside their peers and staff who are excellent role models at all times, both as individuals and as avid readers!