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Reading and Research

We are a Research Engaged School.

This means that we actively 

  1. Have an open learning culture, focus on longer-term goals
  2. Senior leaders filter research evidence, staff engage with this critically
  3. Majority of staff are motivated, skilled and confident in engaging with evidence; staff expect to engage with research to improve practice
  4. Research evidence is part of routine processes, meetings, CPD and school improvement practices of the school


As Wiliam (2013:19) said, ‘Everything works somewhere, and nothing works everywhere.’ Making changes to practice means teachers rethinking the way they and their learners work in the classroom, and so a teacher must consider and plan carefully. Change must be informed, needs-driven and prepared for.

Wiliam, D. (2013) Assessment: the bridge between teaching and learning. Voices from the Middle, 21(2), 15−20