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School Structure

Pebbles (Early Years)

This unit caters for the assessment of pre-school children aged 2 – 5 years for school places (not always Merstone), as well as for children who have already been assessed and have an Education and Health Care Plan (EHC). Assessment takes place through a combination of observation, teaching and recording of early learning skills. Pupils on entrance to Early Years are assessed using an LA document, which is completed by school staff and parents/carers. 

SCHOOL (Primary & Secondary)

Consists of:-
Moonstones - EYFS/ Reception
Ruby 1 - Pre-formal Curriculum EYFS/ KS1
Ruby 2 - Pre-formal Curriculum KS1/ KS2
Ruby 3 - Pre-formal Curriculum KS2/ KS3
Sapphire 1 - SLD (Lower) Subject Specific Curriculum EYFS KS1
Sapphire 2 - SLD (Lower) Subject Specific Curriculum KS1/ KS2
Sapphire 3 - SLD (Lower) Subject Specific Curriculum KS2/ KS3/ KS4
Emerald 1 - SLD (Higher) Subject Specific Curriculum KS1/ KS2
Emerald 2 - SLD (Higher) Subject Specific Curriculum KS2
Emerald 3 - SLD (Higher) Subject Specific Curriculum KS3/ KS4
Topaz - MAPP Play Based Curriculum
Diamonds 1 - 14-19 Provision KS4/ KS5
Diamonds 2 - 14-19 Provision KS4/ KS5
Diamonds 3 - 14-19 Provision KS4/ KS5

Pupils at the school have moderate, severe or profound learning difficulties. Many of our pupils have complex needs including autism, sensory/physical impairment and challenging behaviour. 

Merstone was founded in 1974 and continues to serve as an all age (2½-19) co-educational Special School located in Solihull. Originally based in Marston Green, Merstone transferred to its new purpose built site in the summer of 2006 and provides excellent facilities for children with Special Educational Needs. Specialist facilities at the school include an immersive room, soft play room, warm water pool, library bus, medical room and physiotherapy room. The school also shares with Forest Oak School the following specialist rooms:- Food Technology, Music, Art, ICT, Speech and Language Therapy Room and Parents Room. The building has a ground and first floor.  The Upper Floor is served by two lifts and two sets of stairs.  Merstone School 14-19 Department and the ICT Suite is on the first floor. 

The young people in the Diamonds Department build on their independent adult living skills and have access to a work-related curriculum and the facilities offered at local colleges. Work Experience Placements are also arranged as and when appropriate.